Ask the Expert: Getting your best night’s sleep, with Dr. Colleen Carney

Une femme allongée dans son lit qui profite d'une meilleure nuit de sommeil grâce aux conseils du Dre Colleen Carney, spécialiste du sommeil chez LifeSpeak.

Has your sleep been different these past few months? The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to change our morning routines and daily schedules, which in turn has shifted our sleep patterns. To help ensure we’re getting adequate rest each night, we invited Dr. Colleen Carney to answer user questions during our Ask the Expert webchat. Dr. Carney is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Ryerson University and the Director of the Sleep and Depression Laboratory. She is one of leading experts in the treatment of insomnia, particularly in the context of co-occurring illness. She has over 100 publications on the topic of insomnia, and is a passionate advocate for improving access to effective treatment. Her books include Treatment Plans and Interventions for  Insomnia: A Case Formulation Approach, Goodnight Mind, and Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain.

Here are the highlights from our webchat with Dr. Colleen Carney. Please keep in mind all user participation is anonymous.

Optimizing your sleeping position

QUESTION — “What is the best sleep position?”

Dr. Colleen Carney — “There isn’t really a ‘best’ position, as your body will do whatever it wants during the night. For those with sleep apnea, we may use devices to keep them off their back as you are more prone to stopping breathing in this position.”

Hitting the snooze button

QUESTION — “Is snoozing the alarm a good idea?”

Dr. Colleen Carney — “Not really. There are large benefits to a regular rise time and this can create variability.  If you don’t have insomnia, it’s probably not a big deal.”

Sleep and menopause

QUESTION — “How does menopause affect sleep and mental health?”

Dr. Colleen Carney — “Menopause increases sleep stage changes, which can negatively impact sleep quality. It can be associated with hot flashes, which can create awakenings at night and it increases the risk for apnea.  Additionally, there can be mood disturbances, which can in turn negatively impact sleep. We must also remember that menopause is not a heralded event with discrete onset/offset and it is occurring while aging, thus some of the sleep disturbance we see in menopause is actually age-related.”

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