From leading workplace wellness workshops in 2004 to becoming the premier suite of wellbeing solutions for employers, health plans, and organizations.

Our focus has remained steady – to empower individuals and their families with the tools, resources, and expert education to live their healthiest lives.

Because wellbeing can’t wait.

13 million+ lives supported

6700+ tools and resources

1000+ enterprise clients

550+ leading experts

Who We Serve

LifeSpeak Inc. is mental, physical, and family wellbeing. LifeSpeak offers the premier holistic wellbeing suite, providing comprehensive support across key aspects of life including mental health, resilience, fitness, nutrition, parenting, caregiving, and substance use.

Take care of the people who take care of your business.
Benefiting clients of all sizes and industries.
Attract and retain residents with a wellbeing and wellness suite for all.
Making high-quality wellbeing affordable.
Give your clients value & choice. The LifeSpeak Inc. Partner Program is an opportunity to give your clients access to the largest breadth of curated employee wellbeing content.

Trusted by 1000+ enterprise clients, governments and organizations.

We provide the only holistic wellbeing product suite built for business that leads with digital education and supports with human connection.

Our Story

From small startup to global leader in enterprise wellbeing solutions.


LifeSpeak launches, offering a series of workshops and lunch and learns around Toronto.

Michael Held, a lawyer by profession, starts LifeSpeak after seeing his colleagues and friends struggling with stress, burnout, and mental health while trying to balance work with the everyday demands of life. His goal was simple: to provide practical resources and support to help people navigate these challenges with expert guidance


LifeSpeak goes online!

The shift to a SaaS-based model facilitated a significant expansion in scale, allowing us to deliver an extensive array of top-tier mental health and wellbeing resources to individuals across Canada, the US, and around the world.


LifeSpeak impacts more lives through a new partnership model.

We expand our business model by launching solutions that allow partner organizations to seamlessly provide LifeSpeak services to their clients. The same year, we introduce ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions and marathons, giving members instant access to specialists in mental, physical, and family health.


LifeSpeak offerings double in size, with over 100 leading experts, and 1000+ resources.

LifeSpeak achieves a milestone with 1,000 expert-led microlearning videos and resources, covering a diverse range of topics, doubling our total from the end of 2012.


LifeSpeak hits a new high!

Our users engage in nearly 500k video, audio, and tipsheet trainings throughout the calendar year—a remarkable 72% increase compared to the previous year.


LifeSpeak continues to innovate, making it easier than ever to access mental, physical, and family health resources.

We continue to launch product features, including a new email system designed for client communications. The new email system improves employee communication of benefits and allows for the seamless rollout of quarterly educational campaigns covering mental, physical, and family health topics.


LifeSpeak secures a $42 million equity investment to expand product features and pursue new markets.

We broaden our educational content to include expert blogs, guided meditation and mindfulness exercises, and quizzes. We also launch The LifeSpeak Podcast, and make it available on all major podcast platforms.


LifeSpeak goes public and acquires three new companies.

The summer IPO is followed by three strategic acquisitions that expand our offering of SaaS-based physical wellbeing, substance use, and family caregiving solutions: LIFT session, ALAVIDA and Torchlight. We achieve a revenue milestone of $23.3 million, reflecting a 131% increase from the previous year, and expand our client base to a total of 422 enterprise clients.


LifeSpeak acquires popular fitness provider Wellbeats and doubles client base.

LifeSpeak expands its offerings by acquiring Wellbeats, a market-leading on-demand SaaS-based physical wellbeing platform provider, propelling our pro-forma ARR to $54.7 million and doubling our client base to over 800 enterprise organizations.


LifeSpeak launches a new brand.

After completing a series of acquisitions of leading wellness companies, we proudly unveiled a new brand identity that unites our suite of wellbeing products. Under the banner of LifeSpeak Inc., our comprehensive suite of solutions now includes LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience, Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, Wellbeats Wellness, LIFT session Fitness, and ALAViDA Substance Use.


LifeSpeak Inc. marks its 20th anniversary!

20 years after Michael Held offered that first series of small lunch and learns, LifeSpeak Inc. is the premier holistic wellbeing product suite for employers, health plans, and organizations. As of 2024, we support over 1000 enterprise clients and 13 million individuals with more than 6,700 educational tools and resources provided by 550 renowned experts.

The future of LifeSpeak Inc.

Our mission has never been more important.

According to CEO and founder Michael Held, “Helping people and improving lives remains at the heart of everything we do. For 20 years, we’ve had the unique privilege of bringing world-class wellbeing experts to individuals, families, and organizations to help them tackle life’s most complex challenges. We’re excited about the possibilities the next 20 years will bring.”

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