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Our Story

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Our Story

After listening to several colleagues confiding in him about feeling overwhelmed or burnt out while trying to manage their work and home lives, LifeSpeak Inc. CEO and founder Michael Held sprang into action. Almost two decades later, LifeSpeak Inc. has become a leader in whole-person wellbeing.

Take a look at who we’ve become today.

Going Back to the Beginning

In 2004, LifeSpeak Inc. started as a small company in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, providing live workshops to help people manage their daily challenges. Built from a passion to positively impact as many lives as possible, we wanted our content to be more convenient and accessible to employers, health plans, and organizations across North America and beyond

Shifting to a Digital Approach

In late 2008, we made the move to an all-digital solution, and in mid-2010, we launched our popular feature—Ask the Expert—giving users real-time access to top experts. Soon after, we expanded our offerings to include solutions for partners interested in providing the LifeSpeak experience to clients. By early 2012, our solution included 500 expert-led trainings.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

By 2015, our expert-led trainings doubled as we had to keep up with demand. As a result, we launched updates to include personalization and action-oriented features in our digital solution.

In 2021 and 2022, a series of acquisitions of other wellbeing companies solidified our status as an industry leader. We rebranded our five solutions under one unified and cohesive brand identity in 2023, and we’re proud that our solution offers unmatched support across all pillars of wellbeing.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience, Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, Wellbeats Wellness, LIFT session Fitness, and ALAViDA Substance Use.

Today, we have team members all around the globe, over 2,300 expert-led trainings, and over 300 certified professionals.

Igniting the Spark in Wellbeing

The spark is a visual representation of LifeSpeak Inc. Its meaning is two-fold. At the forefront, we are optimistic, courageous, and compassionate in everything we do. It also symbolizes the four pillars of wellbeing—mental health, physical health, behavioral health, and caregiving. The spark is seen as a sign of hope and guidance.

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