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The Mental Health & Resilience Solution Overview

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Meet the Solution

For your employees and customers, LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience is the destination to tackle day-to-day mental health and life skills challenges. For your company, it’s the place to promote your health and wellness initiatives and goals.


People learn in many different ways. Our full range of formats includes videos, podcasts, tip sheets, quizzes, and more. Topics are found easily through search or by category.

Ask The Expert

They’ve watched a video and now have questions or are seeking some advice. Ask the Expert live web chats offer real-time, anonymous access to our experts.

Learning Hub

The learning hub is about growth. Through courses and quarterly education campaigns, organizations can choose to offer in-depth exploration of topics such as family dynamics, diversity and inclusion, or anxiety and depression, and more.

Training & Development

Used for mandatory employee training, this is a dedicated place on the platform where employees, managers, or any other identified segment of your population can follow courses on the topics of your organization’s choosing. LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience will track successful completion and report back to you.

Expert Blog

Resilience is built through knowledge. Featuring new tips, advice, and stories several times a week, our expert blog series gives your employees the opportunity to learn from leading experts in health, work, and wellbeing.

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Leading Experts You Can Count On

We only work with the best of the best to bring your workforce and customers timely, quality content. Our team of LifeSpeak experts is made up of acclaimed medical professionals, professors, and authors who are passionate about their subject matters. This means guidance and information that can be trusted.

Topics Include

  • Mental Health
  • Resilience & mindfulness
  • Physical & preventative health
  • Relationships & communication
  • Professional life
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Financial health
  • Parenting & eldercare

Access Anytime, Anywhere

With workforces, customers, and clients located anywhere in the world, it’s never been more important to offer flexible support. LifeSpeak’s industry-leading content can be accessed from anywhere around the world and at any time. They can browse, learn, and grow on desktop or any iOS or Android device.


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