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LifeSpeak Inc. is Reimagining Population Wellbeing.
We provide the only whole-person wellbeing product suite built for business that leads with digital education and supports the human connection.

Mental Health and Resilience Education with Thousands of Expert-Led Micro-Learnings
Virtual, On-Demand Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness Classes for All Ages, Interests, and Abilities
On-Demand Substance Use Support, Right From Your Smartphone.
Caregiver Support Platform for Employers, Health Plans and Member Organizations
Digital Fitness and Wellness Solution for Companies, Fitness Clubs and Wellness Providers

Our suite of solutions allows employers and other organizations to provide best-in-class content and expertise to their employees and members that scales, meeting each individual whenever they are available and wherever they are on their personal wellbeing journeys.

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For Employers

Focused, Present, and Productive Employees is Your Goal – and Ours, Too

We know healthier and happier employees can mean decreased disability claims, reduced absenteeism, and higher retention rates. Our mental health and wellbeing platform gives your employees and their families access to expert advice so they can get back to a healthier, more productive state.

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For Partners

Set a New Standard for Wellness Support for Your Clients and Customers

Stand above your competition by adding more value to your wellness offering. Our proprietary solution can easily be embedded into an existing platform or offered as an add-on service to supplement other programs. It’s the perfect solution to further differentiate your service offering.

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Access to Quality, Expert-Led Content – Any Time

LifeSpeak is packed with thousands of micro-learning videos, podcasts, blog posts, and tip sheets to address the different ways people learn. Are you a global organization? You’re covered. LifeSpeak can be accessed anywhere and any time from a desktop or mobile device. With LifeSpeak, you can:

  • Easily share content with family and friends
  • Access expert-led, confidential web chats available monthly
  • Expect to see an average of 70 trainings consumed per 100 employees per year

Easily Integrates with Your Existing Programs

Many organizations have some type of Employee Assistance Program (EAP). While effective, they can be intimidating. LifeSpeak is the simple first step that provides easily accessible education before they pick up the phone and provides support after a clinical consultation. LifeSpeak makes it easy to:

  • Target issues that drive up claims 
  • Cross-promote your other programs
  • Easily promote topics through newsletters and other communications
  • Seamlessly integrate into intranets, third-party portals, etc.

Fast to Implement, Secure, and Easy to Use

Turnkey and comprehensive, LifeSpeak can be easily deployed on its own or as part of another initiative. Employees and customers never need to provide personal data to take advantage of LifeSpeak, so they can browse anonymously and confidentially.

  • Employees log in anonymously and securely
  • Unlimited usage for employees and family members
  • Launch in just a few weeks 

Guidance, Advice, and Motivation on Demand

Our experts are the heart of LifeSpeak. They are there to inform, advise, and inspire your workforce. LifeSpeak’s acclaimed experts include doctors, psychologists, and authors. We enlist the world’s foremost experts and work with them to ensure all our content offers a good mix of education and practical advice that is highly relevant and engaging.

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