Women in the Workforce: LifeSpeak’s Director of HR Amanda Martell Outlines Ways to Support Women at all Stages of Life

women in the workforce

In a recent article for HRO Today, Amanda Martell, director of human resources for LifeSpeak Inc., highlights how HR teams can accommodate and support all stages of a woman’s life and career – and how prioritizing women’s health and wellbeing can help employers cultivate a more engaged, productive, and resilient workforce.

“With five generations of women in the workforce at once, meeting all of the diverse needs of employees is a tall task for today’s HR teams. For example, Gen Z and millennials may be looking for benefits that make it easier to start and raise a family or that encourage work-life balance and positive mental health, while Gen X and baby boomer women may be silently struggling with the side effects of aging, menopause, or the pressures of caregiving for aging parents.”

How can employers recognize and address these varying needs? Read the full article here.