What to Expect from LifeSpeak Inc.’s New Brand

At LifeSpeak Inc., we believe that achieving and maintaining overall wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. After completing a series of acquisitions of leading wellness companies, LifeSpeak Inc. is proud to unveil a new brand identity that unites our suite of wellbeing solutions and allows us to provide unmatched wellbeing support to employers, health plans, and organizations.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience, Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, Wellbeats Wellness, LIFT session Fitness, and ALAViDA Substance Use.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, LifeSpeak Inc. acquired LIFT session Fitness, ALAViDA Substance Use, Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, and Wellbeats Wellness over the last two years. Our suite of wellbeing solutions is already seeing wide success, including being a core integration with other industry-leading organizations, such as Dell, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and CVS Health.

Going Back to Humble Beginnings

Since 2004, LifeSpeak Inc. has enriched the lives of employees and their families through a vast array of proprietary content with a focus on mental health and life skills education. For almost two decades, we have supported over 4.5 million lives. Our easy-to-use solution allows members to conveniently explore expert-led content that empowers them to live their healthiest lives.

Our approachable, accessible, and affordable suite of solutions is the leading choice for employers, health plans, and partners to access professional grade support for any wellbeing challenge or goal. Our best-in-class content is often incorporated in organizations’ wellness programs. Over 4,000 content modules spanning every pillar of wellbeing help individuals become their healthiest, well-balanced selves.

Want to know more about our suite of solutions? Here is what each of our products has to offer:

LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience, a product of LifeSpeak Inc.

Expert-led support for mental health has never been easier. With LifeSpeak Mental Health & Resilience, employees can access thousands of micro-learning videos and resources from top experts in the field. Improving one’s overall wellbeing starts with a healthy mind, and our mental health solution contains a robust library of educational content and preventative support.

Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc.

Wellbeats Wellness offers more than 1,200 classes and over 60 programs on three pillars of wellness: mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition. On-demand content is led by industry-certified professionals who instruct and coach members to achieve their personal wellness goals. Flexibility makes Wellbeats Wellness a popular experience for members as they can take classes and engage in programs on their own schedule, whenever and wherever they feel most comfortable.

Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving, a product of LifeSpeak Inc.

Caregiving, whether for a child or an elderly parent, can take a toll on our overall wellbeing. Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving is a comprehensive and supportive solution providing best-in-class expertise both digitally and through one-on-one advising and concierge services. The tools and content available are designed to equip caregivers to approach an array of caregiving situations with poise and knowledge. No matter the age, diagnosis, or obstacles ahead, Torchlight Parenting & Caregiving helps resolve the everyday, modern challenges of caregiving before they become a crisis.

ALAViDA Substance Use, a product of LifeSpeak Inc.

Focused on the science of substance use management and offering confidential support for anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol and drugs, ALAViDA Substance Use provides evidence-based resources and personalized therapeutic services. Members are provided a safe and discreet atmosphere to take steps toward a healthier life while also maintaining balance in their daily routine without interruption.

LIFT session Fitness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc.

LIFT session Fitness encourages members to engage in a healthier lifestyle through participation in fitness challenges, as well as live and on-demand fitness and mindfulness classes. Additionally, LIFT session Fitness offers virtual personal training. Globally, our goal-oriented fitness solution supports millions of members in helping them achieve their goals while also lending assistance in building healthy habits.

Igniting a Spark in Wellbeing

As part of our visual re-branding, you will notice that we have integrated an image of a spark in our logo. Why? The spark is a visual representation of LifeSpeak Inc. Its meaning is two-fold. At the forefront, we are optimistic, courageous, and compassionate in everything we do. Our mission is to bridge the gap of resources available to employers, health plans, and partners with a leading whole-person wellbeing solution to enhance the daily lives of employees and their families. The spark symbolizes the four pillars of wellbeing—mental health, physical health, behavioral health, and caregiving. The spark can be seen as a sign of hope and guidance.

“Improving wellbeing is not a solo journey. It takes courage from both individuals and organizations to acknowledge where help is needed and commitment to change behaviors,” said Michael Held, CEO and Founder of LifeSpeak Inc. “Our team understands this on a very personal level, and we provide the support, encouragement, and guidance to drive improvements in the health of populations while creating positive change in the lives of individuals.”

In the age of prioritizing mental health and wellbeing among workforces, it is important to provide valuable solutions to employees to increase internal loyalty and morale but also to reduce high turnover due to burnout and other challenges. Michael Held says mental wellbeing is a cornerstone and top priority for employees and employers, especially in highly stressful and ever-evolving industries and job markets. “Our suite of solutions addresses these challenges by making world-class expertise easily accessible to business leaders, individuals, and their families when and where they need it.”

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