What is Personify Health?

We are excited to celebrate a significant milestone in the evolution of our partnership with Virgin Pulse. Virgin Pulse announced their merger with HealthComp, and subsequent rebrand as Personify Health, marking a new chapter in our collaborative journey towards promoting healthier lives. We are thrilled to witness this transformative moment and look forward to the continued evolution of our partnership with Personify Health.

What is Personify Health?

Which companies merged to create Personify Health?

Personify Health is the result of a merger between Virgin Pulse, a mobile-first employee wellness and engagement company, and HealthComp, a benefits and analytics platform. The merger aims to create a personalized health platform that combines health plan administration with health, navigation, benefits, and wellbeing experiences, leveraging data-driven personalization​

What is the vision behind the creation of Personify Health?

The vision is to address the issues of increasing healthcare costs and complexity by breaking down traditional healthcare silos. Personify Health aims to provide a connected consumer experience with a human touch, making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and personalized for patients and employers.

Who owns Personify Health?

New Mountain Capital is the majority owner of Personify Health, alongside shareholders Blackstone, Marlin Equity Partners, and Morgan Health​.

What does Personify Health mean for our partnership?

As Virgin Pulse and HealthComp transition to the Personify Health brand, we are excited about the possibilities it brings for our partnership. While we remain distinct entities, our collaboration with Personify Health opens doors to new opportunities for innovation and growth.

What sets our partnership with Personify Health apart?

Our partnership with Personify Health is built on a foundation of collaboration, innovation, and shared values. While Personify Health leads the way in personalized health solutions, we bring our unique insights and perspectives to the table. Together, we create synergies that amplify the impact of our collective efforts, delivering value to our members and driving positive change in the healthcare landscape.

How will our partnership with Personify Health evolve?

As we embark on this new chapter with Personify Health, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our partnership will continue to evolve, fueled by a shared commitment to promoting healthier lives. Together, we will explore new ways to leverage technology, data, and insights to enhance the member experience and drive meaningful outcomes. The future is bright, and we are eager to see where our partnership with Personify Health takes us.

A bright future ahead

As we look ahead to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can create together. Here’s to a bright and prosperous future with our partnership with Personify Health.

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