We challenged our clients to move more this year—and you blew us away!

A group of four employees lunging forward in an office. They are participating in a workplace stretching session.

LIFT session, a LifeSpeak company, wellness challenges are an excellent way for organizations to boost engagement and help culture thrive. This year’s wellness challenges helped employees from organizations across the globe move more each week and develop lasting active habits.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s challenges. Employees in 2022 accomplished an amazing:

  • Average of 306 minutes of activities each week by each participant. That’s 204% of the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization!
  • 29% overall engagement on LIFT session platform during Wellness Challenges across all company sizes and industries
  • Average of 45% increase in weekly minutes of activity per employee due to Wellness Challenges across all company sizes and industries

LIFT session wellness challenges also motivated employees to take up more active lifestyles beyond the length of the challenge.

For example, after one wellness challenge with Canadian insurance provider Empire Life, 87% of participants agreed the challenge made them want to maintain an active lifestyle. An incredible 100% of participants—91 people—said exercise during the challenge helped them stay productive at work, and 93% said they would be interested in participating in another wellness challenge.

According to the CDC, workplace wellness programs can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, boost morale and help attract top talent.

LIFT session offers a wide range of resources to keep employees active, healthy, and engaged at work.  The platform’s newest features include the following:

  • Audio-Guided Mindful Walks
  • Mindful Moments (live 5-min meditation, light stretch, and breathing classes, available multiple times every weekday)
  • Wellness on Demand (300+ new videos)
  • Self-guided workout categories: everything from yoga and weight training to limited mobility and rehabilitation

And it’s still growing!

Everyone on the LIFT session team is super excited to see how many people we can help engage in active lifestyles in 2023. We hope you can join us for the ride!