The Hidden Toll of Emotional Labor in the Workplace: LifeSpeak Inc. CEO Michael Held Explores its Impact on Employee Productivity on

LifeSpeak Inc. CEO and Founder Michael Held was recently featured on, talking about how the invisible burdens employees face often lead to emotional labor in the workplace.

“As Productivity Declines, Employees May be Putting in More Effort Than Ever,” explores the relationship between the challenges employees encounter at home, especially with the increasing number of individuals assuming unpaid caregiving responsibilities, and the resulting decline in productivity. Drawing from his firsthand experience as the CEO of a wellness company, he provides some insight into how empathy may be a good start to navigating how to support employees.  

“Most employees are giving their best, but increasing burdens within and beyond the workplace may make that difficult for some. Addressing those additional burdens may be key to boosting productivity in the office.” 

What can employers do to support employees struggling at work and at home? Are we heading toward another “great resignation”? Who is most likely to feel the burden of emotional labor? Read the article on Forbes to learn more.