Wellness from Within: How Employees at Hoffmaster Group, Inc. are Empowered to Start Their Day with Wellbeats

Convenience is a factor most employers will seek out when trying to pick the best wellbeing solution for their team. When time is so precious, it’s important to be able to provide a solution that is flexible and offers immense value.  

With Wellbeats Wellness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., members can incorporate a vast array of classes and programs into their unique schedules, allowing them to fulfill their wellness needs while also trying new activities.  

Meet Fred Lahr, Director of Business Analytics at Hoffmaster. Fred is responsible for overseeing business relations and planning for the premium supplier of food service disposables.  

Fred is also a Wellbeats Wellness super-user. His dedication to fitness began 20 years ago when he decided to make a few healthier lifestyle adjustments, which included participating in local fitness clubs and scheduling morning workouts. In the advent of the pandemic, Fred pivoted his routine which led to building his own home gym.  

In 2021, Hoffmaster integrated Wellbeats Wellness with the organization, and Fred was immediately intrigued.  

“To me, Wellbeats was great,” said Fred. “I wasn’t an athlete when I was a kid growing up, so I didn’t really get any training on working out and what to do. I found the classes were great.” 

Fred’s mornings usually start with Wellbeats Wellness. While utilizing his home gym, he will incorporate a fitness class which complements his workout equipment.  

“On the weekends, when I sometimes sleep in, I’ll still get on the bike when I’m watching a basketball game and do a cycle class,” said Fred.   

Fred says that the variety of classes has piqued his interest in further investing in more equipment to accommodate other activities from the wellness solution. Trying new classes and programs is something both Fred and his wife enjoy. “It’s not a huge investment to try something new,” said Fred. “You can try different classes and see if you like it or not. There are certain instructors who are really great at motivating you, and they get you fired up.” 

What kind of activities does Fred enjoy on Wellbeats Wellness? Fred says he tries to alternate between cardio and weight classes, as well as resistance, and strength training. 

Fred also enjoys longer fitness programs because each day includes a different exercise. He said it was an excellent introduction to weight training, which really helped in perfecting his technique in a non-intimidating or overwhelming way.  

As for mindfulness and nutrition? Fred said mindfulness classes were a new concept to him, but he was receptive to trying them out. The classes and focus on nutrition have also garnered Fred’s interest.  

For a lot of us, we grow up, and we eat what we knew as kids and the foods that our parents made,” said Fred. “Sometimes, even foods that I thought were healthy, it turns out they’re not really. And let’s face it, sometimes things change over time. My wife always tries to cook very healthy, so I think it might give us some new recipes to try.” 

In the time that Fred has been a Wellbeats Wellness member, he says that the wellbeing solution has kept him motivated and has afforded him the ability to try new activities. What is his advice to a co-worker, or anyone interested in giving Wellbeats Wellness a try?  

“I try to tell everybody to give Wellbeats a try. To me, it’s worked perfectly. What you need to have to work out is minimal,” said Fred. “The classes are designed for whatever you have at home, even if it’s just your body. You don’t have to invest in anything. That’s what I really like about it. It gives you something to get moving. It’s a great motivating tool for me, and it definitely helps my day start off in the right way and makes me feel good about what’s going on.”