Improving Your Virtual Communication Skills

Women attend a virtual meeting.

In March 2020 when a global pandemic forced so many office workers home and meetings moved online, Judith Asher and Frank O’Halloran were better prepared than most. The personal impact coaches and executive trainers have spent the last 20 years helping C-level executives, managers, and professionals improve their presentation and communication skills.

Not only was their expertise being leveraged by multinational Fortune 500 companies and startups around the world, the principles of Venice, Italy-based Impact Excellence created a course called #CrushTheCam to help their clients overcome many of the challenges people struggle with when conducting business in front of a camera.

The 10 module, self-directed course covers everything from where to look (directly at the camera, not the person talking on screen), how to speak more succinctly (no ums, buts, or sos!), and most importantly, how to engage your virtual audience (smiling helps).

“We give them a way to improve their skills so they can show up camera ready and also have some better collaboration and rapport building skills along the way,” says Asher. “Ironically, [the launch of our course] happened to coincide with the pandemic. Suddenly we found that there’s a global need for these skills right now.”

According to Asher and O’Halloran, a successful virtual meeting requires more than just turning on the camera and talking. You need to put the computer in a position that makes you look your best, use optimal lighting, and take appropriate pauses so you aren’t talking too fast. 

But the most important thing you can do to make an impact is adopt the right mindset. “Be present, focus on your audience, and sound interested in what you’re talking about,” says O’Halloran. “You really want to be communicating that you’re happy to be [there].”


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