LifeSpeak Inc. CEO Michael Held Outlines 4 Ways Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health

leaders can support employee mental health

The line between work and home life is thin and often blurry. That’s why it’s so important for employers and business leaders to have a good understanding of their employees and the factors of everyday life that can spill over into their workdays.

Whether an employee needs resources and care to address anxiety or depression, or if they are feeling burned out from juggling caregiving with work, employers can make a difference through the benefits they offer and the culture they foster within the workplace.

In his recent article for Forbes, LifeSpeak Inc. Founder and CEO Michael Held provides inspiration and hands-on ideas that business leaders can use to support employee mental health across their workforce.

Read the article, 4 Ways Leaders Can Support Employee Mental Health, to gain a new understanding of how positive mental wellbeing can improve workplace culture and positively influence business outcomes.