How LifeSpeak Inc. CEO Michael Held Integrates Team Feedback to Drive Organizational Success

LifeSpeak Inc. CEO and Founder Michael Held was recently featured as an expert panelist in an article by Forbes, “Unlocking Success Through Team Feedback and Collaboration,” discussing how leveraging the diverse perspectives of team members allows leaders to make better-informed decisions. 

Michael discusses his decision-making process and how he integrates feedback from his team to enhance his leadership style. He carefully weighs the pros and cons and the potential impact those choices can have on the organization.  

“Soliciting feedback from our team has made my leadership style more objective, empathetic, and more informed,” says Held. 

By incorporating team perspectives and insights, Held ensures his strategy and solutions as a leader have the greatest positive impact on LifeSpeak’s clients and employees. This feedback is integral in shaping the company’s vision and direction.  

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