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happy employees around the holidays

Expert Advice for Happier Holidays

Leadership's Role in Helping Combat End-of-Year Stress

Did you know? 40% of employees feel more stressed during the holidays than the rest of the year, with over 60% facing increased mental distractions from work.

While the holidays are commonly considered a time of celebration, the data tells a different story. With packed schedules, mounting family responsibilities, and financial pressures, many experience stress, anxiety, and burnout, with detrimental effects on exercise, eating habits, and substance use, impacting people both at work and in their personal lives.

This webinar will provide leaders with strategies to support employee wellbeing during this busy holiday season.

What to Expect:

1. Employee Productivity Insights: Employees are often distracted and disengaged, struggling with family caregiving obligations and family dynamics, leading to lower morale and dips in productivity. We’ll share insights to improve absenteeism and productivity.

2. Seasonal Stress Strategies: Employees experience added pressure due to family obligations, financial concerns, increased workload, burnout, decreased wellbeing, and more. Learn strategies to support increased seasonal stress.

3. Holiday Wellbeing Tools: Holidays often lead to challenges, including increased substance use, disrupted sleep, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating. Get tools to help support healthier holiday habits.

Bonus: Wanting fewer distractions and more presence each day? Attendees will receive our e-book, “Breaking Free from Hustle Culture,” with expert tips on how to slow down and reclaim work-life balance.


Tune in for practical advice and tools to alleviate prevalent employee stressors, minimize absenteeism, and foster team engagement. Because wellbeing can’t wait!

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Reena Kotecha

MD, Organization Well-being Consultant, TEDx/International Public Speaker, and Founder of Mindful Medics

Dr. Reena Kotecha studied Medicine and undertook a research degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Imperial College London and following this spent the early part of her career serving in the National Health Service (UK) as a hospital doctor. Alongside this she is trained in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness Meditation at the British Mindfulness Institute and is a certified teacher of ‘Search Inside Yourself’; a Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence training program developed at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, USA. Reena also serves on the International Advisory Board of Headspace Inc; one of the world’s largest meditation Apps.

Reena has a keen interest in workplace well-being and in 2016 designed and developed Mindful Medics; The Healthcare starts with Self Care program, which she delivers to clinical and non-clinical staff in healthcare settings across the globe. She also provides training within non-healthcare sectors. Working at the intersection of individual and organizational thriving, her offerings focus on evidence-based approaches that enhance staff health and well-being on a personal level as well as productivity, performance, and engagement on a professional level.

Aimee Gindin, MSCP

Aimee Gindin is the Chief Marketing Officer at LifeSpeak Inc. In her role, Ms. Gindin has responsibility for the go-to-market strategy, communications, and growth of the corporation and its full suite of wellbeing products. Previously, Ms. Gindin was Head of Marketing & Strategy at Torchlight, which LifeSpeak Inc. acquired in 2021. Prior to Torchlight, she co-founded and held multiple leadership positions at Magnetude Consulting, a full-service tech marketing agency, for nearly a decade. She is a keynote speaker and published author, featured in publications, including USA Today, STAT News, Employee Benefit News, and HR Executive. Ms. Gindin graduated from Chatham University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and worked as a mental health clinician at the start of her career.