Celebrate Black History Month with LifeSpeak Inc.

You’re invited to celebrate Black History Month with us as LifeSpeak Inc. lifts up the expertise, perspectives, and work of our Black experts, instructors, and trainers all month long. Get to know a few of our experts from LifeSpeak, Wellbeats, and LIFT session below.  

Siobhan Calderbank—Managing Director of Talent at Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) 

LifeSpeak expert Siobhan Calderbank is the Managing Director of Talent at Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). She oversees the recruitment of global talent, talent management and development, emerging talent, and change management. She is an advocate for change and DEI. 

Her decision to get into HR, professional development, and DEI stems from her passion for learning and helping others develop and grow in their careers. “DEI ensures learning is designed to be inclusive and accessible for everyone, which ultimately opens up a world of possibilities to enable equitable professional development opportunities.” 

As a child, not all of Siobhan’s experiences in school were great—nor did they reflect her culture. This also fueled her interest in building cultures and work environments where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging, knows they are valued, and can thrive. This very important work keeps her engaged, enthusiastic, and energized about the future. 

Ultimately, she notes, when it comes to workplace wellbeing, “it’s imperative you take care of yourself and protect your mind first, to be of service and support to others.” 


Paul Anthony Hamilton—Talent Executive, LCBO 

LifeSpeak expert Paul Anthony Hamilton is a passionate and interconnected HR leader focused on diversity and inclusive leadership. 

Creating a culture of belonging and improving diversity and inclusion in today’s global and digitized workplace is what motivates Paul in his role as talent executive. 

On stage delivering a keynote, or in a boardroom, Paul’s dedication to making a difference through people is undeniable. He develops purpose-driven solutions that he uses to cultivate diverse talent mindsets. 

Paul believes that “leaders need to shift their focus from managing the work to managing the people doing the work. When we create an environment where employees feel safe, valued, and respected, they will bring their best selves to work, and that’s when the magic begins.” 


Nate Middleton—Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of Fit by Life 

Wellbeats instructor Nate Middleton has over 20 years of experience in promoting and delivering personal training services. He has a BS in Exercise Science along with a host of other certifications. 

Nate ensures everyone he connects with receives the best coaching, motivation, and world-class exercise instruction on the way to achieving their goals.  

His Wellbeats classes include fitness challenges to elevate your heart rate and mobility exercises you can do at your desk when you need a work break. No matter what you’re looking for, Nate has you covered. 


Jan Johnson—Yoga Teacher, Trainer, and Professional Vegan Chef 

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Wellbeats instructor Jan Johnson finds joy in bringing the love of yoga to all she meets. 

Jan’s expertise includes the yoga traditions of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga in addition to the meditative practices of Anapana and Vipassana. Her vast resume includes certifications for E-RYT 200 & 500, Yin Yoga Level 2, Stott Pilates Matwork, NASM PT, and Precision Nutrition L1. 

Why yoga? “A lot of people go to yoga for the physical part of it, but for me it was more of a spiritual connection,” Jan said. 


Jeremiah Lewis-Walker—Professional Dancer and Choreographer 

As a business owner, coach, professional dancer, and instructor, Wellbeats instructor Jeremiah Lewis-Walker brings a vast array of experience, fun, and technical prowess to everything he creates, especially the classes he shares.  

Jeremiah has been dancing since he learned to walk, and his classes exude his infectious, positive attitude and energy!  

What’s so special about dance? “Dance is very expressive. It gives you a lot of creativity. And it makes me happy—that’s one of the biggest things.” 


Lynnea Doublette—Actor, Artist, and Healthcare Communicator 

With 10+ years of experience teaching dance fitness classes, Wellbeats instructor Lynnea D. loves to motivate and inspire others to reach their health and fitness goals no matter their age or activity level. 

Why dance? “Dancing is good medicine! It’s the kind of medicine that makes joint pains feel better after you move,” Lynnea said. “Dancing is good for coordination, and it’s good for balance. You’ve got to dance as often as you can. Why dance? Why not?!” 


Lindsay Belzie—Certified Personal Trainer 

Lindsay Belzie is a skilled LIFT session fitness instructor, past national athlete, and loving mother of two daughters. She believes physical activity is essential for everyone to achieve independence and autonomy, no matter the stage of life. 

Even small amounts of physical activity can significantly improve overall health and prevent multiple diseases. In today’s world, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are increasingly common, so it’s crucial to prioritize physical activity in our daily lives. “A little physical activity can go a long way in maintaining good health,” Lindsay says. 

Lindsay is an excellent role model and dedicated advocate for integrating fitness into your daily routine. Her commitment to fitness not only helps her achieve her personal goals but also inspires others to take charge of their health. She’s motivated by encouraging her two daughters to overcome obstacles and achieve success in life. 

As we celebrate Black History Month, let us remember the importance of physical activity in promoting health and wellbeing. Lindsay’s dedication to fitness and family is an example to us all. By following her lead, we can all strive to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life. 


Adrian Davis—Certified Personal Trainer 

LIFT session instructor Adrian Davis has built his work around seeking to influence positive change in the lives of others through the creation of positive experiences. 

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and experience as an elite athlete in both the NCAA and CFL, Adrian has a unique perspective on both mental and physical health. His primary area of interest is human behavior. 

In addition to his work as a LIFT session instructor, Adrian works with kids through athletic development and activity-based programming like school activity days and summer camps. His goal is to help everyone he works with create a long-term health and wellness lifestyle. 


Dr. Faustin Etindele—Sleep Scientist and Eco-Epidemiologist 

LifeSpeak expert Dr. Faustin Etindele, Ph.D., DBA, is a sleep scientist and eco-epidemiologist. He is passionate about employee health and wellbeing, eco-epidemiology, sleep disorders, and the socio-economic determinants of social inequalities in Canada and in developing countries. 

His interest in sleep science began when he did an internship in anesthesiology. As he observed patients struggling with sleep, he wanted to better understand why some people have difficulty falling asleep and why others, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, seem to fall asleep much easier.  

From there, he expanded his research to include eco-epidemiology, socioeconomics, work-life balance, and employee mental health and wellbeing. 

“When it comes to topics that interest me, I want to be able to speak knowledgeably and authoritatively on a subject. If it’s something I’m unfamiliar with, but interests me, I carve out time to get a better understanding of it.” 

Faustin truly believes that prioritizing your friends and family is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, moving or stretching for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, and avoiding eating or drinking after 8 p.m. will have positive and long-lasting benefits. And of course, always get a good night’s sleep. 


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