Is workplace wellbeing making the grade?

Download the 2023 Mental Health Report Card today.


The 2023 Mental Health Report Card by LifeSpeak Inc. and Lighthouse Research & Advisory explores key aspects of creating a supportive culture of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Through surveying 1,000 employers and 1,000 workers across North America, the report shows that while scores are improving, there is room for improvement. Download the report to see:

  • An analysis of year-over-year changes and trends, highlighting both positive and negative shifts in workplace mental health.
  • The distinct mental health priorities and unique challenges faced by remote workers, working parents, people of color, and women in the workforce.
  • The impact of genuine mental health support on employee retention and job satisfaction.

If your organization wants to create a workplace where every single employee can bring their healthiest self to work, this report offers actionable insights and shows how robust wellbeing benefits help employees be more productive, more engaged, and better for business overall.

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“In a study of 1,000 employers and 1,000 workers, we asked each group to grade their employer in terms of support for mental health and wellbeing. The results were concerning in some cases, and alarming in others. But the bottom line is that support for mental health is no longer optional in today’s competitive talent environment.”
~ 2023 Mental Health Report Card