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Our Employee Wellbeing Products

LifeSpeak Inc. is Mental, Physical, and Family Wellbeing
We provide the only holistic employee wellbeing product suite built for business that leads with digital education and supports with human connection.

Mental Health and Resilience Education with Thousands of Expert-Led Micro-Learnings
Virtual, On-Demand Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness Classes for All Ages, Interests, and Abilities
Digital Cognitive Behavioral Support for Individuals Struggling with Substance Use
Parenting and Caregiver Support with Digital Expertise and One-on-One Guidance
Digital Fitness and Mindfulness with Live Coaching and Classes

What Our Employee Wellbeing Programs Offer

LifeSpeak Inc. empowers people through education and support to take action before a life challenge or issue becomes critical. It’s a proactive approach to holistic wellbeing.

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Business Solutions

Keeping needs and budgets in mind, LifeSpeak Inc.’s complete employee wellbeing solution enables organizations like yours to help their employees and customers tackle many of life’s challenges.

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Our Approach

From communications to custom initiatives to curated content, we take care of it all – ensuring your unique business needs are met. Our dedicated service lets you get back to your day-to-day.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Why LifeSpeak Inc.?

The impact of employee wellbeing on business productivity has long been established. LifeSpeak Inc. is a simple, secure, and effective solution that supports your employees’ whole health and wellbeing.

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Largest Breadth of Proprietary Content

Your employees will have access to high-quality employee wellbeing content and tools from our world-acclaimed experts.

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Enhances Existing Services

LifeSpeak Inc. complements all the other health and wellbeing programs your organization offers.

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Fast to Implement, Secure to Use

Be up and running in a matter of weeks. Plus, employees and others that you grant access to can browse confidentially and securely.

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Give Your Clients Value & Choice—Partner with Us

The LifeSpeak Inc. Partner Program is an opportunity to give your clients access to the largest breadth of curated employee wellbeing content. LifeSpeak Inc.’s suite of wellbeing solutions are available as turnkey solutions that can be implemented quickly or tailored for your clients’ unique needs. Take a look at some of the groups we partner with:

  • Insurance providers
  • Payroll providers
  • Associations
  • Consultants and brokers
  • EAP providers
  • Wellbeing technology providers

Not on the list? Reach out to us! We’re always looking to assess new partnership opportunities.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources

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LifeSpeak Inc. transforms your organization’s wellbeing program. See how a preventative approach can get workforce engagement up and costly claims down.