Expert advice, support, inspiration – when and where you need it.

From overcoming the challenges of everyday life to finding the inspiration to reach new goals, LifeSpeak can help you get where you want to go.

Our series of online videos, podcasts, action plans and “Ask The Expert” feature leading experts giving you the support and advice you need to grow and thrive. With LifeSpeak, you know what you have to do so you can get where you want to go. It’s easy, convenient, and 100% confidential.

Turns out being a great employer is also great for business.

If your employees aren’t healthy, focused and engaged, they will not be productive. Absenteeism can increase, while motivation and attitude decrease. LifeSpeak offers easy, on-demand access to the expert advice and information they need, so employees can remain engaged and inspired.

The platform is an effective addition to any Employee Assistance Program, offering employees convenient, confidential access via video, audio, print and direct access to world-class experts. That’s good for them. And it’s good for business. Watch a short video to see how LifeSpeak can help your employees do more.

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An entire platform of support and inspiration.

The LifeSpeak library is accessible around the clock, anywhere in the world through a series of videos, podcasts, print action plans and direct access to top experts. Whether your employees are at work, home, on the road or in the car, they can find the support and inspiration they need quickly and easily. Choose from video, audio, print, and direct access. Plus, LifeSpeak will work with your team to develop a customized platform that most efficiently and effectively engages employees and strengthens your other initiatives.

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Global Experts = World Class information

The world’s best advice from the world’s most respected experts.


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Three of our Acclaimed Experts

Expert1 Pamelaallweiss

Dr. Pamela Allweiss,

Dr. Allweiss is a renowned expert on diabetes, and has spoken at universities and educational conferences throughout North America. She was named best clinical teacher in 1992, 1999 and 2001 by the Department of Family and Community Medicine. She is an Endocrinologist who completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the LA County- USC Medical Center, a fellowship in Endocrinology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and was the chief clinical fellow at the Joslin Clinic in Boston.

Expert2 Majorieslankard

Marjorie L. Slankard,
MD and Professor

Marjorie L. Slankard, MD, is our acclaimed expert on allergies and asthma. She is the recipient of numerous awards and has been listed in New York Magazine’s “The Best Doctors in New York”, in Castle Connolly’s “America’s Top Doctors” and in the New York Times Super Docs edition. She is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and an Associate Attending Physician and Director of the Allergy Clinic at Columbia-New York Presbyterian Medical Center.

Expert3 Joshuacoleman

Dr. Joshua Coleman,
Psychologist and Author

Dr. Coleman is a psychologist, author, and our marriage, family and relationship expert. He works in private practice and is Co-Chair of the Council on Contemporary Families. He has been a frequent guest on the Today Show, NPR, and The BBC, and has also been featured on Sesame Street, 20/20, Good Morning America, America Online Coaches, PBS Life Part 2, and numerous news programs for FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC television.

A Catalyst for Change: Advice from acclaimed authors, professionals, and professors

LifeSpeak offers organizations the most comprehensive selection of world-class experts available anywhere. Top experts in their respective fields – including acclaimed authors, medical professionals, professors and others associated with best-in-class institutions are here with advice and support for every one of your employees. The quality of our content assures that LifeSpeak can be a true catalyst for your firm, inspiring truly engaged and inspired employees.

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Ask The Expert.

Empowering employees to overcome life’s challenges...

...and inspiring them to do more. From sleep issues to managing diabetes, general fitness to mental health, LifeSpeak delivers the right support at the right time.

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The LifeSpeak platform is a comprehensive library of videos, podcasts, print action plans and direct access to top experts. It’s accessible around the clock, anywhere in the world. There are over 500 subjects that inspire, support, and engage every employee.

Anytime, Anywhere.

From laptops to mobile – our library is accessible 24/7, in the car, bus, at home or at work.


Some of the world’s most acclaimed experts provide advice on over 500 topics – and the list is constantly evolving.

Employees & Families

Both employees and families can use the LifeSpeak platform to learn, thrive, motivate and get the support they need.


LifeSpeak is a complete, standalone solution that offers your employees easily accessible support with minimal time and effort from your HR or management team. We actively engage employees by encouraging them to take advantage of our resources. You can also use LifeSpeak to maximize the effectiveness of your existing initiatives and programs by leveraging our resources within them, increasing their impact and the resulting employee engagement.

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Choose LifeSpeak and provide your employees with a more complete range of support and advice.


Engage your employees by informing them of the availability of the LifeSpeak platform. It’s easy to access and can be used anytime, anywhere.


Choose a customized platform to further improve program results.


LifeSpeak offers employees convenient, confidential access to expert advice and information. Let’s get them started on the road to becoming truly healthy, focused, engaged and productive.